Alexandra,a la neige -12deg






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Snow Does Alexandra likes snow??

Écrit par : roffe | 28/01/2010

selam canim Fotograflar harika tabi Alexandra 'da keyifli hafta sonlari buradan sevgiler:)))

Écrit par : seiden schal | 29/01/2010

lalique!!! Wowwww..it's fantastic!! And Alex is so sweet and pretty!!!! Well..you had a lot of snow my dear!!! You enjoyed it, didn't you?? Kisses

Écrit par : Chiara | 31/01/2010

Hello Hy Lalique
what a beautiful snow pictures.
i love snow but not to mutch.
last week snowed a lot on Spain.

Écrit par : CORTEYGRIF | 01/02/2010

amazing photos.

Écrit par : mom s | 07/02/2010

hello there alex your daughter? oh she's a cutie, **hugs to alex and everyone**

beautiful pictures and beautiful faces there! Cheers! :)

Écrit par : leonore | 12/02/2010

friendship you'll always be remembered and you'll be here in my heart forever...becoz when i've lost my dearest friend CARLOS, he led me to our newfound friendship...i hope you forever will be happy and healthy same with your family. **HUGS**

Écrit par : leonore | 12/02/2010

merhaba kar çok guzel

Écrit par : kar | 14/02/2010

Hello From Indonesia Hello here :)

Thanks for coming to my website.

My 'chatbox' is on "GUESTBOOK" menu on the top of my blog :)

Thank you very much indeed :)

Écrit par : Indonesia TEFL | 25/02/2010

wow!! nice to look at him on the snow. It's like he is in heaven
Nice to be here again

Écrit par : survivor mom | 15/03/2010

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