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bonne nuit un petit kikou pour te souhaiter une bonne nuit

a bientot bisous

Écrit par : baudouin | 30/11/2006

Hello from out of the swamp Hiya! (Whaa.. what scary that evil looking smily is following my mouse everywhere.. HELP I have got a damn stalker!) Anyway I read your comment on my blog yesterday and thought it was about time to reply. I'm from the NL, so very near by Belgium..! (Hello neigbor!) :D I don't know really what to think about this place here.. I mean 'nice' ladie but for me you better could skip them.. hehehehe.. All those other sceretly spy counters here are great and everything. Too much actually to mentoin. Well done! Keep it up... adios :)

Écrit par : Unknown artist | 30/11/2006

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